Environmental Projects

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ELNITCO is committed to maintaining the environment & for that it offers Preventive Maintenance, Process Operation & Maintenance services for all types of treatment plants & pumping stations.

ELNITCO technicians are trained for long-term servicing & have sound mechanical & electrical know how & experience which allows them to assess, identify & repair the problems easily.

ELNITCO supports their clients & customers during out-of-hours emergencies through a 24-hour call centre.

  • Waste Water Recycling
  • Storm Water Management
  • Water Treatment & Quality
  • Water Desalination Processes
  • Sewage Collection & Treatment
  • Combustible Waste for Energy facilities
  • Organic Waste for Agriculture
  • Bio-Saline Plants
  • Local draught tolerant plants for Landscaping
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustained Urban Development
  • Related MEP & Civil Works
  • Projects Engineering & Management