HSE Policy


HSE_Policy_StatementHSE_ObjectivesOHSE_PolicyELNITCO is ISO 9001– 2008 Certified

ELNITCO is committed to the quality of their services that are delivered on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our Customers. ELNITCO shall ensure that business processes are established, implemented and continually improved to meet and exceed customer expectations.

  • Protection of Health , Safety & Environment

    The focal concern of ELNITCO. The Health, Safety & Environment department ensures that all our project activities are carried in conformance with the most stringent requirements of our clients’ and our HSE policy.

  • HSE inspections carried out Regularly

    HSE inspections and audits of the sites are carried out Regularly.

  • Maintenance and testing

    Maintenance and testing of tools, tackles and equipment is carried out by our competent personnel. Project Personnel are continuously trained through Safety induction, tool box talks and job specific training.

  • Effective steps are taken to ensure “Zero Accident Tolerance”:

    No personal injuries
    No work related ill health
    No occupational accident and material damage
    No harm to the environment

    The concepts of quality and work safety are always the main essence of our organization.