Quality Policy

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Quality_PolicyHSE is the focal concern of ELNITCO. The HSE Department ensures that all project activities are carried in conformance with the most stringent requirements and Standards.

  • ELNITCO is committed to the quality of our services that are delivered on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our Customers
  • ELNITCO ensures that business processes are established, implemented and continually improved to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • ELNITCO ensures monitoring of process performance through key performance indicators. (KPI’s)
  • ELNITCO establishes quality objectives to ensure continual improvement of the quality management system to ISO Standards
  • ELNITCO ensures that it meets legal and regulatory requirements, and applicable standards and codes
  • ELNITCO ensures its personnel are competent and shall develop human resources through training
  • ELNITCO ensures suitable resources are provided to ensure effectiveness of their quality management system