O&M Drainage & Organic Wastes Collection

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Waste & Sewage Water Collection & Treatment

ELNITCO is a specialized operation & maintenance service company in the area of waste & sewage water treatment plants. The company offers a complete solution through consultation, operation & maintenance services in the waste & sewage water treatment plants, municipal sewage treatment plants, industrial waste water treatment plants & desalination water treatment plants.

ELNITCO offers a full service package that guarantees maximum operational safety while maintaining a commitment to excellence.

The company’s workforce ensures that customers are completely satisfied with its full service concept.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants: (STP’s) Equalization, Chlorination, Oxygenation, Odor, Filtration, TSE
  • Waste & Sewage Collection
  • Pumping (Lifting) Stations (PS)
  • Force Main Sewer Pipes
  • Solid Waste Management / Disposal
  • Treated Effluent to Irrigation
  • Road Lights & Fencing
  • Projects Engineering & Management
  • Storm Water Collection
  • Gravity Sewers Pipes
  • Valves & Manholes
  • Effluent Tanks & Basins
  • Sewage Facilities Access Road
  • Related MEP & Civil Works