Term: Two Years: 29.04.2017 to 28.04.2019 + 1 year: 29.04.2019 to 28.04.2020

27.09.2016:  ELNITCO was invited to participate in the Tender of Abu Dhabi Municipal Affairs and Transport

MUNICIPALITY OF ABU DHABI CITY INFRASTRUCTURE & MUNICIPAL ASSETS SECTOR under: Tender No. 94/2016 Contract 10IR Operation & Maintenance of Irrigation System in Abu Dhabi Island.

24.10.2016:  ELNITCO submitted the Tender trusting that this will meet the requirements of ADM.

13.11.2016:  ADM Opening of Qualified Bidders,  ELNITCO’s participation was successful.

27.02.2017:  Awarding and signing of the above mentioned contract.

15.03.2017 to 14.05.2017:  Mobilization Period.

14.05.2017  Commencement of the Project/Contract.

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